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Are you looking for new opportunities for your business? Thinking of pivoting your business model to enter new markets? Do you require iteration of your business model to take advantage of the opportunity in front of you?

The first part of any business strategy is you, your business and your team. You need to want to grow, innovate, and iterate – this is where the Ninjas can help you.

With decades of experience working with SME’s, Ginger Ninjas specialises in bringing visions to the forefront and proving that with the right tools, people and processes, ideas can become a reality.

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Forward Thinking Clients.

With clients around the globe, across a multitude of industries, your business can benefit via a structured and strategic approach to business planning, strategy execution,
benchmarking and measurement of success.

With so much uncertainty in global industry, the Ginger Ninja’s strategic development team can help you see the road ahead and define success in ways you didn’t think possible. 

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About Us.

Find out how we can drive your business strategy

Specialising in long term business planning and strategic activation, Ginger Ninjas are a business strategy consulting firm, geared towards creating long-term and sustainable revenue growth and return on investment.

With strategic planning and marketing activities seen by many businesses as a cost rather than an investment Ginger Ninjas works to deliver revenue-generating activities through maximisation of your assets, people and capital, while stripping back the unnecessary, wherever possible.

Boasting decades of industry experience with companies such as Event Cinemas, Coca-Cola Amatil, Austereo Network, Simplot Australia, Village Roadshow, Life Flight Rescue, Mission Foods and more, the executive team have worked across a wide array of industries, delivering exceptional results in the process.

As industry experts in business strategy, marketing, communications, website development, digital advertising and design, Ginger Ninjas can provide a ‘turn-key’ business solution, to drive your budget and business harder.

Strategy Director

Tim Brown

With experience working on projects across in Australia, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, Tim has the experience that counts when looking to plan your next business iteration or growth model.


Corinne Brown

Having launched some of the most recognisable brands in the Australian market, and worked with some of the biggest names in media and communications, Corinne is perfectly posed to ensure your communications and strategy gets executed right, every time.

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