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Tips to help your business handle the latest Facebook algorithm update

Facebook is the most significant social media platform on Earth and a popular digital marketing strategy that businesses use all around the world. Companies use Facebook to engage with their customers and build brand awareness. So, when Facebook

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Ginger Ninjas top 3 productivity tips when working from home

Working from home, even for a Ninja, can be a challenge but if you practice a couple of super simple tips you could be super charging your efficiencies and overhauling your tired old productivity so you're firing on all cylinders in no time at

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How to write social media copy that doesn’t sound too salesy

The whole point of social media is to captivate attention, right? But what type of attention are you attracting? Are you getting the attention that you deserve? Are you engaging and persuading your readers to buy your product or service? Or is your

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DIY Website Copy Health Check – tips for ensuring your website content is red hot and driving engagement

Having your business website on-point will only help you in the sales department. Think of your website as your ambassador...is it working well for you? Is your website a true reflection of your business's vision and core values? Not really?

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Why are business blogs important for your business?

For a business, blogs should be an integral part of your marketing tactic. Blogs aren’t just words on a page or a way to channel your innermost ramblings, they are an important marketing tool to generate traffic and drive potential customers to

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Super simple SME business strategies that drives business growth

You've all heard the drill, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to have clear business strategies in place to ensure the growth and success of the business. We've heard the message loud and clear but are you taking the time to create

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SEO content writing for dummies – the must-read basics for startups

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a term you‘ll inevitably hear and see all the time in the big bad world of digital media and marketing. When you cut to the chase, the purpose of SEO is to help people who are looking for you to find you.

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Not getting noticed online? Reasons why your business needs a fresh content strategy.

We’re all pretty aware that your website is a living entity on the Internet and digital marketing is one form of marketing your business just can’t do without. But are you taking advantage of fresh content to make your business sing? In a world of

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Bringing in the big guns, why you should always use experts for your marketing!

You wouldn’t use a face painter to fix your leaking pipes, just as you wouldn’t get a dog trainer to fix your car, the same applies for engaging a professional to do your business marketing. It’s common to try to slap on a DIY solution to your

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Speedy ways to get your business noticed in cyberspace

It’s sometimes hard to fathom that not that long ago, your marketing strategy was based around postal times, the release of weekly newspapers and TV and radio ads. Over the past decade or so, online marketing has taken the world by storm and is a

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