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DIY Website Copy Health Check – tips for ensuring your website content is red hot and driving engagement

Having your business website on-point will only help you in the sales department. Think of your website as your ambassador…is it working well for you? Is your website a true reflection of your business’s vision and core values? Not really?

Well, the Ninjas are here to help you with a DIY website copy health check to ensure that your website is on fire and your customers can’t get enough of your business.

Here’s some of our top tips to ensure the website content is red hot

  • When reading through your content make sure you use words and phrases to excite and entice your readers. After all, no one wants your audience to click away from your site due from boredom 🙂
  • Ensure that your content is clear, neat and conversational with no errors, poor formatting or any weird text. Take the time to proofread and check everything on your site makes sense to your target audience.
  • Keep your content short and sharp. Long-winded paragraphs will bore your readers and lose their attention very quickly. Get the the point and don’t waffle on.

Ways to help drive engagement

  • Ask your readers for feedback either through ratings or comments will help drive interactions.
  • Offer rewards or other incentives will help with engagement.
  • Incorporate quizzes, polls or stories can be another way to engage your readers.
  • Don’t forget to include links in your content where you can. This will help your reader dive deeper into your site and spend more time on there.

The most important tip to take away is for you to remember that your website content needs to be checked and updated regularly to make sure that the content is enjoyable to read and easily shared with others.

Be sure to repeat the mantra “I must regularly check that my website content is up to date, exciting and interactive”. If you need help with your content or marketing, give the team from Ginger Ninjas a buzz today and ask us about our content and website copywriting services.

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