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Get Linked! Five types of content that work for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform that not only is used as a digital resume, but it connects and promotes people and brands by LinkedIn users publishing content. The content that is being posted on LinkedIn is being read and shared by millions of users. Ensuring that the content is platform-specific is key because for instance what works on Twitter may not work on LinkedIn.

You’ve probably used LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, share your thoughts on the latest business strategies or just enjoyed a scroll through to see what current and former colleagues are doing in their line of work. Whatever reason you use LinkedIn it is a powerful tool and one to be active on when you are wanting to build your brand, explore new business opportunities and keep up to speed with the global business world.

Do you think your LinkedIn content needs some attention? Well, never fear the Ginger Ninjas are here! We can help make sure that you have the right type of content for LinkedIn.

As a starting point, here are some basic tips to ensure you are top of your game when it comes to your LinkedIn profile:

  • Great headings – Ensure that your content starts with a great title. Headings play a big role in the success of a post. Posts with great headings attract higher click-through rates on LinkedIn and therefore gain more attention. A good heading can include ‘How to’ for example or can be presented wholly or partly in the form of a list.
  • Plenty of images – LinkedIn content that uses a great quantity and quality of images will outperform content that uses fewer images. Research shows that content that has 4-8 images perform very well.
  • Create useful content – Having content that is useful and relevant to your readers will give you the best chance to get plenty of traction. If the content provides helpful hints and tips or industry news, then there is a good chance that your audience will grow.
  • Write in long form – Long form in the LinkedIn world is considered to be any content over 400 words. According to research, there is more engagement to content that is longer than 1800 words so writing long-form content can be beneficial.
  • With a neutral tone – The LinkedIn audience seems to be attracted to a more neutral tone rather than having a positive or negative stance. Therefore content that is written in a neutral tone is going to perform better.

If you are feeling like you may be getting left behind on LinkedIn, then get in touch with the team from Ginger Ninjas today and let us show you how you can rock your LinkedIn profile so it’s firing on all cylinders.

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