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Fresh content – why you need it now

What do a swanky new couch, a fancy new hair-do or a spiffy new wardrobe all have in common? The answer my friends is that they are all a normal, everyday part of your life which, after a bit of a spruce-up are now new, fresh and exciting again!

Well, believe it or not, your marketing content is no different. Much as you spent time and money creating the perfect marketing content six to twelve months ago, that’s not the end of the story for your marketing. Keeping your content fresh and exciting is just as an important task as creating it in the first place.

Now your content is at work telling your story for you, we completely understand that there are many more important things for you to focus on, such as running your business. However, as Ninjas in the written word, we strongly advise that if you haven’t looked at your content for a few months, it’s about time you did. It’s becoming old and stale and no longer grabbing the attention of your potential clients. No one wants to be old and stale, right?!

Your website is your first, and often last, impression that potential clients will get of your business. You only have a few seconds to gain their attention and if your website is full of out-of-date facts and information, or has not been shown any TLC for a few months, your clients will tell.

And who wants to collaborate with someone who doesn’t put marketing as a priority on top of their agenda?

The good news? The Ginger Ninjas have that all under control for you! We have tried and tested strategies surrounding content refresh when your product is selling and you’re meeting the milestones on your business plan. We will maintain your key themes which have previously been successful and update them to once again make your content appealing, exciting and fresh.

Once the Ninjas have finished, your website or marketing material will be as fresh as a daisy and ready to convert on Google. We’re here to provide content writing services for websites, blog articles, marketing materials and anything in between.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and an informal discussion on how we can make your content as good as new in an exceptionally short turnaround time.

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