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Ginger Ninjas top 3 productivity tips when working from home

Top 3 productivity tips when working from home

Working from home, even for a Ninja, can be a challenge but if you practice a couple of super simple tips you could be super charging your efficiencies and overhauling your tired old productivity so you’re firing on all cylinders in no time at all. 

Staying efficient and effective while working from a home office is the key to productivity and success in your work life. It can be easy to get distracted by house chores and other homely distractions, so we have come up with the top three tips to stay productive when you are working from home.

Want to say hello to more time in your workday? Follow these simple tips and you’ll be there in a flash.

Work in 90-minute blocks

Setting yourself 90 minutes to focus on a task is an ideal length of time before needing a 15-minute break to recharge. Therefore your workday will consist of 4 or 5 ninety minute blocks of productive work. Easy! If you take baby steps while you are starting out from 30 minutes, to 45 minutes and then aim for a 90 minute goal you won’t believe what you can achieve. 

Turn off your notifications

Turning off your notifications on your phone and computer will allow you stay focused on the task at hand. During a 90 minute block, you don’t need to know what your friend, who you went to high school with, had for lunch via Instagram. Set your phone to the side and you can catch up with the goss when you are grabbing a cuppa on your next 15-minute break. Try turning off your notifications even for a week and see your productivity soar. 

Ensure that your workspace is productive

Setting up your work area to look productive will make you productive. A comfortable chair is a must, a desk and all the necessary things you may need during the working day at arm’s length. This will make sure you don’t waste your time looking for those pesky paperclips or more paper for the printer. Don’t set up an your kitchen bench and expect to be productive, inevitably you’ll wind up tearing your hair out. 

So there you have it! To be productive at home during work hours make sure you work in 90-minute blocks with breaks to recharge, turn off your notifications and ensure that the office space is sufficiently set up so you are prepared and can be the most productive you can be. Easy right? What are your top tips?

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