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How to write social media copy that doesn’t sound too salesy

The whole point of social media is to captivate attention, right? But what type of attention are you attracting? Are you getting the attention that you deserve? Are you engaging and persuading your readers to buy your product or service? Or is your social media copy scaring off potential customers because it sounds too sleazy or impersonal?  

It’s time to take a good hard look at your social media copy and make sure that your next message creates a huge buzz.

Here are some brief pointed to get you off the sales train and into the hearts of potential customers:

  • Have a CTA and a sales message that resonates – In a world of digital marketing, businesses are firing sales pitches at us via social media left, right and centre. Siphoning through the sales messages can be painful for readers so making sure that you have a great sales message is key.
  • Don’t be impersonal – and avoid scare tactics at all cost – Bad sales messages can be impersonal and try and use scare tactics putting pressure on a potential customer to buy for example hearing that there is only three left of a product…..again. Great sales messages provide real limitations and not imaginary constraints.
  • Research whose attention you are trying to attract – Sounds obvious doesn’t it, but having an excellent understanding of who you are reaching out to is vital. What are their values? Find out what their needs and desires are and write them down because this information will help you craft a great sales copy.
  • Understand your buyer and their buying decisions – It’s essential to understand what drives your potential customers buying decision, what features do they desire and what is their price range? Then you need to ensure that your sales message talks directly to the potential customer.

If your social media copy is focused on these points, then it will resonate with the right people and attract the right type of hype. If you’re way off the mark you’re marketing is going to crash and burn, so take the time to understand the value in media copy and if you don’t have the time to get it right then call in the experts.

If you feel a little stuck the Ginger Ninjas are here to help ensure that your next social media campaign will hit it out of the park! So shoot us an email or phone us today.

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