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Is Your Old Website Losing You Business

Benefits for a positive online presence

Gardeners spend time to prepare, plant and nurture their gardens to ensure their plants bloom into flourishing, healthy green landscape. Same goes for your website. Why spend all the time and effort to build a powerful communication source, only to leave it without water, soil and fertiliser to dwindle to a dying, cluttered mess?

Keeping your website up-to-date, fresh and interactive is critical to your online presence. There is nothing worse for a customer finding your site (hurrah in itself!) to be left disappointed with outdated, irrelevant and incorrect information. This could mean the first and last time that potential customer visits your business. You want to encourage your customers repeat visitation, offer them reasons to return to your site and reward them with rich, informative and engaging information and interactions, leaving them wanting more.

Apart from the issues of customer dissatisfaction, there are another key reasons you should keep your site updated on a regular basis:

  • Sites that are updated regularly with relevant information assist your search optimisation. Search engines love sites that are engaging their customers, that are seen to be full of new and relevant information, have well-structured content and are free from bad links and errors.
  • Updating your site regularly ensures you are on top of any functionality issues, outdated links that aren’t working, comments on blogs etc.
  • Keep your customers coming back! We are a demanding society, always looking for new content to qualm our interests and needs. If you fulfill this need, we will come back for more! Updating content allows you to engage your audience frequently, offer new deals or services and create customer loyalty to your brand.
  • Keeping a hand in your website maintenance and management will assist you in identifying any loopholes in your website or to identify new technologies (blogs, plug-ins, functionalities, new social media platforms) that will assist your business and your customers engagement with your site. The online world is constantly evolving and you want to ensure your website is keeping up and not falling behind.

So, take one thing from this, update your site regularly! Weekly content updates are excellent, or even more if you have the content. Don’t let a month go by where you have not logged into your site to review and update your content. Ensure to water and fertilise to have the best garden on the block.

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