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Speedy ways to get your business noticed in cyberspace

It’s sometimes hard to fathom that not that long ago, your marketing strategy was based around postal times, the release of weekly newspapers and TV and radio ads. Over the past decade or so, online marketing has taken the world by storm and is a quick and affordable way to market to your client base and drum up new business.

Done well, digital marketing can catapult your business to new heights using some fairly simple marketing tools. A savvy social media post, a hit-the-nail-on-the-head blog or too-good-to-miss competitions are all things that can ‘go viral’ and see your brand hitting your target market and spreading the good word of your marketing campaign.

If you’re looking to get your business noticed online, here are a few tips on how to get yourself heard, quickly!

Create shareable content
This includes blogs, social media posts, and email newsletters. If you’ve written something that will resonate with your target audience, then you’re onto a winner. Be funny, empathetic, emotional, informative, or whatever suits your client base – if you’re a medical professional ensure you’re writing as an expert or if you’re fashion designer take more creative licence with your content. Whatever you’re writing ensure it is unique and informed that way you’ll appeal to your audience and make them want to share with the rest of their peers. In the online world, content sharing is the golden ticket in digital marketing.

Get your business social
Mentioning your followers on your business social media accounts and encouraging them to refer your product makes them feel special, it also helps you to build relationships with clients and will have your business gathering new followers faster than you can say ‘refer-a-friend’.

Whether you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, tagging a colleague, client or associate will broaden your online reach and build WOM marketing for your business. Using social media is also a great way to share quick marketing updates, testimonials and new products that don’t necessarily warrant an eBurst or marketing campaign.

Send regular e-News
Electronic newsletters are extremely valuable and gives businesses access to most of the population without expensive mail outs and tracking down postal addresses.

Keep your emails short, sharp and to the point. If it suits your brand, throw some personality in to encourage sharing. The distance that a good email can travel knows no bounds. If you haven’t added a newsletter signup button to your website, it may be an important consideration in your next website upgrade as gathering your emails legitimately is super important.

You don’t need to spend big bucks to get your business noticed online, simple and effective online marketing is the key and regular content will give your business the leg up it needs to play with the big boys online.

If you’re looking to develop online strategies to engage with your customer base or build new business leads, Ginger Ninjas provide effective marketing strategies which are relevant to your industry and guarantee a strong online presence. Contact the Ginger Ninjas today for an informal chat and an obligation-free quote.

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