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The Beauty of WOM Marketing

WOM Marketing – in the land of marketing acronyms this stands for Word of Mouth Marketing – the age-old (and still one of the best) form of marketing to your consumers. WOM Marketing is basically the sharing of opinion from one consumer to another that encourages them to then purchase your product or service. It is a very powerful and very often neglected form of marketing.

WOM Marketing is best attained by a happy customer. A happy customer is one that leaves your place of business – whether it is a physical business or online – with a pleasant experience behind them. It all boils down to providing excellent customer service, and engaging with your consumers. Doesn’t sound too hard right?

In this day and age where everything happens so quickly, it can be easy to get caught up and not actively engage with each of your customers. Your social media business accounts can provide a good insight into your level of engagement with your customers. You may have 10 000 likes, but how many of those customers actually engage with your site? How often do you post engaging content and communicate openly with your consumers? What benefit do you get from your social media activity? The social media equivalent of WOM marketing is the ‘share’. Customers see what you have posted as worthy of sharing with their networks. This cannot be forced upon customers (unless it is through a commercially-driven ‘share to win’ campaign but that’s another story), so in order to achieve an organic share requires thoughtful, engaging and new content that is relevant to your customer base.

Away from social media, a referral is the best tip a business can get. If you are happy with service from a company, you’ll let your friends and family know about it. Same goes with the flipside, have an unpleasant experience, and the detrimental effects can spread far and wide. So take the time, each customer is as important as the next, and watch the positive flow-on effects stream in.

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