So you have a great product. How do you get that product out to the masses and get it to stand out amongst the millions of messages that are thrown at consumers every day? Herein lies the challenge to you business – cutting through the clutter of hundreds of advertising messages to get your message through. How do you do it? We’ve highlighted some basic rules to start you on the right track.

Have a Plan
All good things come from good foundations and a solid plan. Writing a marketing plan is an essential part of the marketing process. It highlights your business goals, target market, sales targets, competition, budget allocations and marketing strategies. Set goals of what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve them. Set yourself realistic targets and allocate appropriate budget to help you get there. Research your market and the competition. Analyze your own business and see where your strengths and opportunities lie, then highlight your business weaknesses and market threats that could affect your operation and work out contingency plans for these situations. Ginger Ninjas specialize in creating personalized marketing plans for clients and beyond that can manage the entire marketing component of your business.

Know your Audience
It is imperative that you are pitching your product or service to the right person. If you are in the business of high-end sports cars, then you need to pitch your campaign to the affluent consumers who prefers the finer things in life with larger disposable incomes. Break this down to affluent demographic areas, where do your consumers spend their time, what do they like to do – where will you find them? It’s like fitting the pieces of a puzzle together – if you know what you are looking for it makes the search that little bit easier.

Be Consistent and Memorable
Your brand is your livelihood, so make it a good one. Research, test and trial, research test and trial, then do it again. Having the support and positive reinforcement of your family and friends is excellent –but you need more then your immediate network to get your product off the ground. Ginger Ninjas can coordinate focus groups to test and trail your product – an excellent and non-biased way to test your product/service, logo, colours, typeface, jingle, wording, taste and feel of your product. Once you have established your brand – stick to it. Ginger Ninjas can create your branding guideline (your brand bible) and ensure everything that goes to market follows these guidelines.

Don’t be afraid to try something new!
This may seem an interesting point following being consistent. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope – just do so within your branding guidelines. Try new things, conduct brainstorming sessions with your staff to get creative. Reward creativity.

Delve deeper – connect emotionally to your consumers
Consumers are bombarded with new brands and products every day. You need to connect emotionally with your consumers to build loyalty to your brand – so they come back for more. Appeal to the basic human instincts in your campaigns. Don’t be afraid to evoke emotion.

Track your performance
You wouldn’t invest your money into stock and forget about it. Same goes for advertising and marketing. Make sure to put measurements in to track your campaign performances. Did that work? How many additional sales came from that campaign? How many more enquiries did we receive? This all provides crucial information when planning future campaigns and refining what works for your business and market.

This is just a glimpse into some of the techniques the team from Ginger Ninjas can assist you in implementing for your business.

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